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When even one ounce matters

It seemed like a no-brainer. Of course I should buy the padded envelopes. They were larger and more substantial than the bubble wrap envelopes I was using and they were 11 cents cheaper.

six cents

six cents (Photo credit: katerha)

What I didn’t consider was that the new envelopes were also heavier than the old ones. Postage is determined by weight. My jewelry is light and each package I had previously shipped came under the three ounce limit for the lowest rate. The new cheaper envelope bumped the weight up to the next rate. No, it wasn’t that much, but it did cost me 17 cents more – 6 cents more than I saved by buying the new envelopes.

Now I know to consider the weight of any shipping and packages materials before buying them. At least I only bought 10 and not 100.

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