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Expiring Listings on Etsy

Items that sell on Etsy are listed in a sold section of each shop, but some things just seem to disappear. Inactive and expired items do not show anywhere. Each product or item listing on Etsy lasts for 4 months or until the item sells. Listings can be renewed after expiring or selling. Some sellers automatically renew all listings when they expire, but not all do. Each listing costs 20 cents. That’s cheap, but it does add up if you have a lot of items. 

I’ve recently created an expiring soon section in my store (Debnests). If a section is empty, it won’t show up in the store. Mostly only items I’m considering dropping will be added to this section. Items in treasuries or with favorites (hearts) are more likely to be renewed. So if you want to save an item (without purchasing it), favorite it or add it to a treasury. Items may come back later, maybe for the holidays or when other items have sold. The ones in this picture probably won’t come back until time for Valentine’s Day next year.


Expiring Soon Section in list view

You can’t tell when an item might expire by looking at the item screen, but you can find the date it was listed from the shop page. You have to switch to list view. Gallery view is the default and it’s not obvious that there even is another option. On the same line as the search in shop box, to the right of the sort by selector is two little graphics that are supposed to depict gallery (some dots) and list (some dots and lines) views. Hovering over the graphics should reveal the titles. Click on list view. If you don’t see the item you were looking at, you can go to the shop section or search in the shop. To see the items that will expire soon, sort by Most Recent and go to the bottom of the last page. Don’t forget to add 4 months to the date listed to get the expiration date.

One of the problems on Etsy is that the help text and the forums are more for the sellers than the buyers. There doesn’t seem to be a good place for Etsy shoppers to find tips and tricks for navigating the site. If you know of any resources or blogs that covers this topic please let me know in the comments.

Do you have any questions about shopping on Etsy? What other Etsy topics would you like me to cover?


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