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Indie Craft Parade

The Indie Craft Parade is a juried art market in Greenville, SC. They only accept applications June 1-23 and only allow artists from the southeast.

indie craft parade

indie craft parade (Photo credit: kcryder)

I applied last year and was declined. I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get selected, but I really was crushed. Now that the applications are open again, it’s really hard not to try again, but it would probably just be wasting the $20 application fee.

Debnests submission

Debnests submission picture

I wish I knew why I wasn’t selected, so I would know if I should give up or try again. It could have just been my pictures. I know my photography has improved in the last year. Maybe it depends on the judges they use each year. Before applying, I studied the pictures from the previous year and I think my jewelry would have fit in with those booths, but the jewelry that was selected for last year was very different.

Debnests submission

Debnests submission

The rejection letter does say, “unfortunately, there were some great entries that couldn’t be included.” It doesn’t actually say my entry was great though. For $20 you would think they could at least give you a personal critique, instead of just a form letter.

Good Luck! to anyone who does apply.

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Upcoming Posts on Debnests

I’m working on several posts, but need to do more work and proofreading on them before they go live, so I thought I would just write a short post about what I’m working on.


Indie Craft Parade – this is a craft show in Greenville

Craft Shows – this may end up being multiple topics

OOAK – One of a kind.

What are the eggs made of?

Etsy browse

Treasuries on Etsy

Etsy teams


These are in no particular order. Which ones would you like to see first? I even have more ideas concerning Etsy, but maybe I should spread those topics out more.



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The problem with shop sections on Etsy

And why they aren’t as helpful as you might think.

Sections are another thing that Etsy doesn’t explain to buyers. Every seller can create their own sections and use them however they want, but sections are optional. One of the things I like about shop sections is that the list of sections (top left corner) includes total number of items in the shop beside the words shop home. Unfortunately, without doing the math yourself, there is no way to tell if some items were (intentionally or accidentally) left out of a section. I wish there was an automatically populated other category for missed items.

Debnests Shop Sections

Debnests Shop Sections


A shop can list an unlimited number of items, but can only organize them into ten sections. That’s not nearly enough, especially for the large supply stores that can have thousands of products.

Sections are also exclusive. An item listing can only be in one section at a time.  Subsections and non-exclusive sections would help organization and make it easier to find items.

Sellers are not given the option of rearranging the order of items in a section the way they can rearrange the items in the shop. The custom order is not available in a section and the  sort defaults to most recent.


Destash: Buttons


Descriptions would be very helpful to explain some sections and to define terms and abbreviations. Not everyone knows what OOAK (One Of A Kind), ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals), and Destash (shorthand for selling your own supplies) means.

destash beads

Destash: assorted glass beads

I have my jewelry divided by type (necklaces, rings, etc.), but I would also like to identify groups by materials (felt, polymer clay, gemstones, etc).  I have a holidays section, but it doesn’t currently show up because it is empty.

What changes do you suggest for shop sections? Do you have any other Etsy questions?

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