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Learning Product Photography

I’ve never been much of a photographer, but I really have no choice if I want to sell jewelry online. My earliest blog posts on Deb’s Answers have no pictures at all. Later posts often use pictures from Zemanta, screen shots, or wordles.

I have learned and improved quite a bit in the last year. The only pictures I have of my first sale are horrible. I didn’t even know to use the macro setting, much less how to prevent the shadows. Those I won’t even show you.

I still have problems with reflections and some pieces I haven’t listed just because I can’t get good pictures.




debnests ring



PicMonkey (free photo editing website) helps a lot. I tried using different settings for white balance and didn’t like the pictures, but then I figured out that the automatic adjusting of exposure and colors in PicMonkey worked better if the correct white balancing setting was used even if the original pictures looked pink. Every time I discover a new trick I want to redo all my old pictures, but it’s just too time consuming. It’s the same with tags and descriptions, I’m continually wanting to improve the old Etsy listings instead of making new ones.

My husband makes good pictures, but he almost never edits them and didn’t know anything about macro and product photography when I started. Here’s a picture of me that he took.


Deb of Debnests at Art Market



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