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Chains, Ribbons, and Cords

Now that Etsy allows different prices for variations, I’m thinking about adding some choices for some of my necklaces.

Bird nest necklace with chain

Bird Nest With Chain


Blue Cord

Blue Cord

The cheapest option would be only the pendant and the most expensive options would include a chain. One problem is that the lowest price is the only price displayed on the thumbnails and really everywhere except the product page. It would be better to have the displayed price match the primary photograph, but a picture with some kind of cord would look better.

Pendant only

Pendant only

I’m afraid people would be disappointed to find out the price shown doesn’t include a chain or cord, if a chain or cord is in the main picture. The first picture of each listing needs to be the best picture, not only to get attention in search, but also to increase the chances of it being chosen for a treasury, being pinned on Pinterest, or even being chosen for the front page.

with cord

With cord

I tested the idea with a pair of earrings and it works well with this item because the first picture is of the fishhook ear wires and I add a dollar for the clip on version. On the product page the price is shown as $7+ and you have to select the style to see the two choices with their respective prices.  red button earrings The other problem is the time it would take add the variations and include (take and edit) pictures of all the options.

What do you think? Would you want more options or always include a chain? Are the prices confusing?


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What to feature

Any tips or suggestions on which items to feature in an Etsy shop? Only four items can be featured at once, although you can mark more items so that they will move up if any of the first four featured products sell.


5 turquoise dyed jasper beads in antique copper wire


Featured doesn’t do that much, just puts those items at the top of the first page of the shop no matter which sort option is chosen. I understand that when featured items were introduced, sellers didn’t have the option to rearrange items, but now I’m not sure it’s as much help. I don’t like the look of duplicate items in the first two lines, but maybe most people are used to ignoring the top line anyway because they expect it to be ads like in search results.


Felt and Clay Pin

Polymer clay eggs in a hand felted green nest

Which sort order do most people use? Do you leave it at the default (custom or most recent if the seller hasn’t rearranged the shop), or always change it to lowest price, or do you even notice the order?

Bird Nest Ring

Polymer clay eggs in a blue wire nest on a silver ring


So, is it better to feature the most popular items, the least popular items, or what? Or maybe no featured items at all? What’s your preference? Does it matter at all?

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When even one ounce matters

It seemed like a no-brainer. Of course I should buy the padded envelopes. They were larger and more substantial than the bubble wrap envelopes I was using and they were 11 cents cheaper.

six cents

six cents (Photo credit: katerha)

What I didn’t consider was that the new envelopes were also heavier than the old ones. Postage is determined by weight. My jewelry is light and each package I had previously shipped came under the three ounce limit for the lowest rate. The new cheaper envelope bumped the weight up to the next rate. No, it wasn’t that much, but it did cost me 17 cents more – 6 cents more than I saved by buying the new envelopes.

Now I know to consider the weight of any shipping and packages materials before buying them. At least I only bought 10 and not 100.

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