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Using the Etsy Feedback System

Etsy claims they are working on their feedback system, but I don’t know if they are going to completely overhaul it or just tweak it. So much of this could change by the time you read this post. 

Etsy Feedback

Please Leave Etsy Feedback

The biggest problem is that most people don’t leave feedback at all, but there are some other problems with the way the current system works. It’s frustrating when customers will tell you they love their purchase, but they still don’t leave feedback.

Sold on Debnests Etsy

Only 3 of 10 customers left feedback on Debnests Etsy

The amount of positive feedback is reported as a percentage and is rounded up. If there is a lot of feedback, it can show as 100% positive even if there are some negative and neutral feedback. You can’t sort or filter to see details. If there are 300 positive, 5 neutral, and 1 negative, you can’t read the neutrals or the negative without paging through all of the feedback to find them. Only 20 feedback details show on each page.

The number of feedbacks includes feedback as a buyer as well as a seller even though you can’t see feedback left for a buyer on the buyer’s profile page – you can see it on the seller’s page. If a seller also buys supplies on Etsy, they can end up with a higher feedback number than the number of sales in the shop because each item purchased can get a feedback left for it.

Sellers can’t respond to feedback. Sometimes a buyer didn’t read or understand the description of the item. Many times a buyer will leave negative feedback before contacting the seller and won’t change the feedback after the issue has been resolved. There are horror stories of customers demanding refunds without returning items and other acts of fraud using the threat of negative feedback to get what they want.

Do you leave feedback? Do you read feedback? Does feedback or the lack of feedback influence your purchases?

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