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Selling for Holidays is Harder than it Looks

Or why sellers have to make holiday items 2 to 4 months before most people start thinking of that holiday. Maybe it just takes time to get used to thinking about holidays early enough. Hopefully, it will be easier next year, but I currently feel like I didn’t do anything soon enough.

The most time-consuming part of listing an item on Etsy is taking and editing five good pictures. I’m not a photographer and getting good pictures has taken a lot of time and effort. You also have to title, tag, and describe the item in a desirable way.

I made some Valentine’s Day specific jewelry this year, but I didn’t get all of them listed on Etsy. I did sell one pair of polymer clay heart-shaped earrings, but the other things I listed are still there because Etsy listings last for four months.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

All I did for St. Patrick’s Day was move the green stuff to the first page. I made some polymer clay beads that looked like Easter eggs, but didn’t promote them very well – I didn’t even have this blog or my twitter account then.


I have sold some jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts, but I think Mother’s Day sneaks up on people a bit because it’s not the same date every year (second Sunday in May at least in the US) and people don’t even start wondering when it is until May, so it could be too late to order something by the time they pick out a gift.  Next year I’ll try to remember to start promoting Mother’s Day gifts in time for people in countries that celebrate the holiday in March.

Mother's Day Birthstone Colors

Mother’s Day Birthstone Colors

I don’t think I have enough things to worry about Father’s Day yet, but knowing me I’ll probably think of several things I should have made after it’s too late to list them. You have to leave enough time for shipping. I’ve never celebrated Grandparent’s Day, but now at least I know it’s the Sunday after Labor Day (in the US, a few other countries also celebrate it in September, October, and November).


Maybe I should start thinking of red, white, and blue items for Independence Day (Fourth of July in the US) now.

Which holidays would you buy jewelry for?


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When even one ounce matters

It seemed like a no-brainer. Of course I should buy the padded envelopes. They were larger and more substantial than the bubble wrap envelopes I was using and they were 11 cents cheaper.

six cents

six cents (Photo credit: katerha)

What I didn’t consider was that the new envelopes were also heavier than the old ones. Postage is determined by weight. My jewelry is light and each package I had previously shipped came under the three ounce limit for the lowest rate. The new cheaper envelope bumped the weight up to the next rate. No, it wasn’t that much, but it did cost me 17 cents more – 6 cents more than I saved by buying the new envelopes.

Now I know to consider the weight of any shipping and packages materials before buying them. At least I only bought 10 and not 100.

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